Retin-A – Proven And Tested BHA Cleanser


Oct 19

Retin-A – Proven And Tested BHA Cleanser

Retin-A is the best thing that has ever happened to my skin (for acne). To avoid the purging stage, you really have to be patient and start slow along with following the instructions that come with the product.

If you are having acne breakouts, try Retin-A first and see if that works. For some people, that is all they need. The great thing about retina-a is that it works your skin tissue to rejuvenate it so much that light wrinkle lines will start to disappear days after starting the facial spot removal.

How To Use Retin-A Best BHA Cleanser

Retin-A comes in various volumes, so it makes sense to start with 0.5% and  apply up to three times a week, and then every other night until you are ok to apply it every night.

Sometimes desperation to get rid of facial spots can get in the way of acne prone skin. Instead of helping the skin get better, some people get over-zealous with the acne treatment.

So if you are going to use Retin-A to get rid of acne, take it easy and Just see how your skin reacts the day after you used Retin-A.

If it’s red, itchy, and aggravated then wait until it’s back to its normal state. Once your skin is free from any kind of discomfort, then apply it again.


This is what works better on most skins before they get accustomed to it without being irritated anymore and I really recommend speaking to a dermatologist if you can help.

When scrubbing your facial, use scrubbing brushes together with a very gentle cleanser that doesn’t really dry out your skin.
Acne breakouts get triggered through unusual body oil production, when you overuse your cleanser, it leaves the body too dry, this forces the body to go into sebum production over-drive.


To make sure you are well measured at what you are doing to cleanse your facial pores, use a brush to exfoliate and recommended cleansers.
I use Spectro cleanser as it doesn’t have any sulfates or fragrances.

Wait 20 minutes then apply Retin-A, let it dry, and wait 20 minutes again before putting on moisturizer. Again, use something that’s really gentle and extremely hydrating like the first aid beauty ultra repair cream or the cerave moisturizing cream.

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