Japanese Skincare Routine

Japanese skincare routine |2019 Step By Step Guide

Japanese are known for dawning a youthful glowing and soft skin, thanks to the Japanese skincare routine, you too can now enjoy a young-looking skin if you start using this 7 step Japanese skincare routine.

Listen, Japanese skincare routine is not for everyone, and it is certainly not just about slapping Shiseido skincare products either…there’s a method and routine skincare for those willing to follow these key steps to a Japanese skincare routine, but first…

Japanese Facial Cleanser Routine
Japanese Facial Cleanser Routine Explained

What Is A Japanese Skincare Routine?

This is an ancient Japanese skincare routine adapted to modern science so it can use Japanese skincare products like Tatcha water cream which are known for their use of combinations of oil-based and oil-free, anti-aging water creams that releases a burst of skin-improving Japanese nutrients, powerful ancient botanical extracts, and leverages optimized modern skin hydration routines for so you can enjoy a lush, younger-looking skin that is firm, free from wrinkles, and diminished large pore-looking skin.

Here are the 7 Steps( Guide) To Japanese Skincare Routine

  1. Step 1: Cleanse.
  2. Step 2: Cleanse again.
  3. Step 2: Exfoliate (optional) .
  4. Step 3: Toner.
  5. Step 4: Essence.
  6. Step 5: Serum.
  7. Step 6: Eye Cream.
  8. Step 6: Face Mask

Japanese Facial Cleanser Routine

The Japanese facial cleansing routine is built on the belief that after a long day at work, your skin has been exposed to vehicle exhaust fumes, airborne impurities that get stuck to your face day makeup and natural oil build up inside your hair follicles(sebum oils that can trigger acne breakout). Wipes alone are not good enough to expel sebum oils and unclog pores.

You need an effective Japanese facial cleanser to cleanse your face. For the Japanese skincare routine, we recommend Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Face Wash.

About Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Face Wash

Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Face Wash

This is a Hada Labo foaming cleanser infused with hyaluronic acid and all the three essential ceramides that you need in your face wash.

Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic face wash is a Japanese face wash cleanser known for its gentleness to your skin, repairs chapped skin and hydrates while also cleansing your face, leaving it with open pores, free from dead skin cells and impurities.

How do you use Hada Labo face wash?

In this Japanese skincare routine, using HADA LABO Goku-jyun Face Wash is pretty much straight forward…

STEP 1: Make sure that you have wiped off all the day’s makeup using face wipes with Hyaluronic. After removing your makeup, moisten face and hands with lukewarm water. 

STEP 2: Squeeze the Hada Labo face wash content on to the fingertips or palm( a pea-size amount into palm) followed by working it into a lather. Gently massage onto faceusing circular motions.

STEP 3: Thoroughly rinse your face and partly dry with a soft cotton face towel.

Japanese Facial Cleanser

Japanese Facial Cleanser

There are plenty of best Japanese facial cleanser on the market, but, here are the Must-Buy Japanese Face Washes and Cleansers for 2019:

Mentholatum Acnes CHECK AMAZON PRICE
Biore Skincare Facial Foam Scrub CHECK AMAZON PRICE
Tonyu Isoflavone Facial Cleansing Wash CHECK AMAZON PRICE
AHA Wash Cleansing Research CHECK AMAZON PRICE
Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Face Wash CHECK AMAZON PRICE

Japanese Face Wash Cleanser Reviews

  • Perfect Whip. If you do not know the Japanese Perfect Whip face cleanser, you don’t know anything about ancient Japanese skincare products. Its effective, gentle and enticing. No wonder this popular is arguably the best-selling facial wash for the past decade.
  • Mentholatum Acnes: You need this if you have an oily dry skin that is prone to acne breakout. Its loved for its ability to deep cleanse clogged pores and remove sebum oils.
  • Biore Skincare Facial Foam Scrub: Biore is no stranger to the acne skincare market… Their facial cleansers are excellent at removing all dead cells, remove skin impurities without stripping the skin off essential protective skin coating.
  • Tonyu Isoflavone Facial Cleansing Wash.
  • AHA Wash Cleansing Research.
  • Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Face Wash.
  • ROSETTE Cleansing Paste.
  • DHC Deep Cleansing Oil.


The Japanese skincare routine emphasizes on the use of environmentally friendly exfoliating skincare products that are free from plastic scrubs.

Instead, use natural facial skin scrubbers for exfoliating your skin from dead skin cells.

The best exfoliants like Korean skin food is the best for better results with your Japanese skincare routine. But, if you want to go flat out with Japanese skincare products, then you should use Cure Natural Aqua Gel

About The Cure Natural Aqua Gel

Cure Natural Aqua Gel

As a recommended Japanese skin exfoliating product, some are beginning to wonder and asking what aqua peel is all about?

So, What is Aqua peel?

What is Aqua peel?

An Aqua Peel is an effective skin exfoliating product used in Japanese or Korean skincare routine to safely, leverage the multi-faceted chemically induced skin revitalization to replenish chapped skin. The beauty of using skin peels as your next skin exfoliator is that it is great for all skin conditions.

How Does Aqua Peel Skin Exfoliators Work?

How Does Aqua Peel Skin Exfoliators Work?

Here’s how Aqua Peel skin exfoliators work: So, there are four different ways, but the one you will care to learn about is the one that begins with Cleansing your skin by using this unique gentle vacuum suction ability throughout the treatment. What that does is it allows it to scoop all dead skin cells, leaving your skin nicely cleansed.

Cure natural aqua gel is a unique skin exfoliating product that is completely different from all other Japanese skin exfoliants. And I say this, knowingly that the majority of you are struggling to find a balance between using a harsh skin exfoliating product or a less effective exfoliant.

However, Cure natural aqua gel is neither an aggressive rather an effective product for your skin that is ideal for your Japanese skincare routine.

The one thing I find interesting about Natural Aqua Gel is how it works: And if you are new to skin peel gels, the way they are typically used is by applying a good amount of the skin peeling gel at least once or twice a week along with your skincare routine.

The main goal here is to completely dry the skin after the cleanse. Natural Aqua gel has a slight skin drying effect.

Once used to cleanse chapped skin, make sure to wait a couple of seconds to allow the gel to work on the skins. A visible chemical reaction will start to show a react on the dead skin cells which slowly starts to turn white.

Cure natural aqua gel is sold as an exfoliant, though according to the Japanese skin care products reviews describe this as a skin peeler. Apparently, in Asian skincare, skin peelers work so well than those scrubbing products we have sold on the market in the west.

Is peeling gel An exfoliator?

Is peeling gel An exfoliator?
Peeling gel exfoliator Picture

Yes! Peeling gels like Cure natural aqua gel are an excellent way to offer chapped skin a much needed deep exfoliation it needs.

Though this may sound extreme if not counter-intuitive to many, In the Japanese and Korean skincare routines, skin peeling gels are championed as a way to rejuvenate the skin replenish severely damaged skin by peeling off the old and regrow a new layer of skin. …

The Cure natural aqua gel is effective enough to slough off dead skin cells, trapped skin impurities, airborne car exhausts dirt and skin oil build-up immediately, while being gentle enough to use on the face or sensitive areas.

How do you use Cure Natural Aqua Gel?

How do you use Cure Natural Aqua Gel?

Here’s how to use Cure natural aqua gel with your Japanese skincare routine: begin by applying the Cure natural aqua gel to the skin on your face, neck, or other areas that are dry and rough.

In many cases, making sure that you are directly applying the exfoliating gel to the part of the face where the skin appears visibly chapped is an effective way to target brittle skin.

Once you have applied your Cure natural aqua gel, go ahead and begin to gently massage the areas, as soon as the gel becomes white (just make sure you are not rubbing the skin too hard). Rinse well with lukewarm water after a minute or 2 for best results.

Tone Your Skin With A Japanese Skin Toner

The Japanese skincare routine is a perfect way to restore the pH of your skin which in many cases is stripped off the skin when you are cleansing it.

Interestingly, the Japanese skincare industry tends to label the skin toners as a lotion. None the less, I recommend Kikumasamune skin toner to make sure that you restore the pH levels into the skin and avoid skin irritation following a deep skin cleanse.

And if you are completely new to skin toners like Kikumasamune, there is no shame in wondering and asking what is skin toner all about…

So, What is in skin toner?

Skin toner is a face wash lotion specially formulated for varying skin types(best for a dry skin condition or toner for combination skin) and the goal is to cosmetically tone the skin while also cleansing the skin.

Japanese Facial Cleanser Routine
Japanese Facial Cleanser Routine

For those of you who have an oily skin that is prone to acne breakout the skin toners used in the Japanese skincare routine also shrinks the appearance of large pores that looks like a hole(pitted skin pores), toners are usually used on the face.

Kikumasamune high moist lotion(Toners ) like most of the skin toning products can either be applied to the skin in different with a ball of damp cotton wool or you can simply spray onto the face directly and massage it to evenly spread it over.

And if you are still wondering why Japanese over the 30s still enjoy a much younger-looking skin, it’s not just down to their good genes. Naturally, all westerners and people of Asian origin do not share the same skin structure.

According to published reports, if you are a westerner, it means you have much thinner skin compared to Asians (Japanese in particular).

But if you want to know the secret to flawless skin, the Japanese skincare routine is what makes all of them enjoy the longevity of flawless skin in your old age as the Japanese skincare routine feeds the skin with essential skin food, water, and moisture.

Minon Amino Moist Mask: Best Japanese Skin Care Brand

Let’s face it… Japanese skincare and beauty products are not for wimps! They are probably one of the most ancient kept skincare secrets that are known for their effectiveness at keeping your skin looking young and rejuvenated. And Minon Amino most mask is no different either!

If you’re an avid consumer of Japanese skincare brand products, you’ve most likely noticed how quickly your skin begins to look soft, glowing and all wrinkle lines beginning to go down over the short period that you have used a Japanese moisturizer even if you’re still working, exposing your fragile skin to environmental elements that damage the skin.

But, this is not your cue to give up on attaining a younger-looking skin, that’s glowing and radiant!

There has never been a better time than now to create a stunning Japanese skincare routine that uses some of the best Japanese skin beauty products that’ll be ready-to-go head-on with the summer, winter and fall seasons… and for all of the potential that Japanese toner paired with the best Japanese eye cream is able to get rid of under-eye wrinkles, buggy eyes and crepe skin.

And in this article, we’d like to make it easy to create a unique and easy to use Japanese skincare beauty brand based skin routine for dry skin so you can keep moving forward with your smooth, young-looking and glowing skin all year round.

And to get started, right here, I have listed a few of the best Japanese skin care brands who create some of the best anti-aging skin products like:

MUJI Light Toning Water High Moisture CHECK AMAZON PRICE
Naturie Skin Conditioner. CHECK AMAZON PRICE
SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. CHECK AMAZON PRICE
Cezanne Skin Conditioner High Moist. CHECK AMAZON PRICE
Albion Medicated Skin Conditioner Essential. CHECK AMAZON PRICE
Nihonshu no Keshousui – Sake Toner CHECK AMAZON PRICE

Best Japanese Face Wash

White Face Wash Cream by Sekisui. CHECK AMAZON PRICE
Moist Wash Gel by Manara. CHECK AMAZON PRICE
Skincare Face Wash Moisture by Biore. CHECK AMAZON PRICE

Best Japanese Face Wash For Dry Skin.

Best Japanese Face Wash For Dry Skin.

If you have a dry skin that could use some TLC, you need the best Japanese face wash for dry skin to kickstart you Japanese facial skincare routine.

But the majority of people looking into popular skincare routines hardly understand what Japanese facials are all about…

So, What Is Japanese Facial?

The Japanese Facial skincare routine is a pre-emptive skincare regiment that involves cleansing, filming and a Massage treatment formulated with complimentary skincare products known to have ingredients that restore chapped skin, sun-damaged skin repair, improves skin health and longevity.

At the heart of a Japanese facial skincare routine is this emphasis to prevention of aging skin related problems rather than the curing of existing ones.

While the Japanese facial skincare treatment will repair and restore a glowing skin when administered properly, it is not a quick fix to skins that are riddled with crepe skin. This is a deeply relaxing skincare routine, that is effective at the removal of toxins, emissions and impurities stuck on the face.

The Japanese facial skin care is said to have the ability to balances ki, or life force, to improve overall health and lush skin radiance.

Best Japanese Face Wash For Combination Skin.

Combination skin is known for benefiting greatly from oil cleansers and the Japanese skincare routine for combination uses some of the best Japanese made oil face wash which are also a perfect match for combination skin.

But, how do you choose the best Japanese face wash for combination skin when there is so many?

Admittedly, the market is flush with oil face washes and picking one that is best and ideal for combination skin can be daunting…

Here are the Best Japanese Cleansing Oils Available Online

Best Japanese Cleansing Oils Available Online
Sekkisei Treatment Cleansing Oil. CHECK AMAZON PRICE
Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil CHECK AMAZON PRICE
Curél Makeup Cleansing Oil. CHECK AMAZON PRICE
Shu Uemura Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil CHECK AMAZON PRICE
Bioré Makeup Remover Pure Skin Cleanse CHECK AMAZON PRICE
Bioré Makeup Remover Perfect Oil. CHECK AMAZON PRICE

Best Japanese Eye Cream

Best Japanese Eye Cream
Best Japanese Eye Cream

If you have wrinkles and visible under-eye fine lines, you need one of these Japanese eye creams for wrinkles in your skincare arsenal. They are effective, and fast-acting wrinkle and anti-aging creams money can buy… and here is why?

Best Japanese Hydrating Eye Creams For Wrinkles And Aging Skin.

  • Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment.
  • Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist 24.
  • Astalift Eye Cream.
  • DHC Retino A Essence.
  • Redermic R Eyes with Retinol.
  • Kose Clear Turn Q10 Eye Zone Mask.
  • Manuka’s Cosmet Bee & Honey Rich Eye Mask.

Meishoku Whitening Eye Cream

Meishoku Whitening Eye Cream

Meishoku Japan medicated placenta whitening eye cream is not your average wrinkle eye cream. It is effective, and without a doubt the most misunderstood under-eye skin whitening cream!

So, it turns out that after years of neglecting eye puffiness, wrinkle lines, and buggy eyes every morning, some users of Meishoku Japan medicated placenta whitening eye cream expect that this undereye skin whitening cream will offer instant skin lightening.

Meishoku Japan medicated placenta whitening eye cream is the best eye lightening cream for anyone looking for a long term skincare solutions and not a flip a switch and tadaa! You have no dark eye circles!

Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder

Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder
Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder

Kanebo Suisai beauty clear powder is one of the most sought after Japanese skincare and beauty product. If you are looking for Japanese skincare products online, make sure to try Kanebo Suisai beauty clear powder.

Maintaining a young glowing skin free from wrinkle lines and sagging skin is a life long term habit that you must cultivate over time, and using better facial skin makeup like Kanebo Suisai beauty clear powder in key.

Unfortunately, many women tend to wake up in their 30’s(years of age) and begin to pay attention to how caring for your skin from a young age helps.

So, How do you use Kanebo Suisai beauty clear powder?

Here’s how to use Suisai Beauty Clear Powder effectively as part of your daily skincare routine, using the best Japanese skin care products:

  1. Begin by removal of all day’s makeup from the skin with an effective Japanese skin cleansing product followed by a cleansing oil and a Japanese moisturizing cream.
  2. Now, to begin using Suisai Beauty clear powder, go ahead and empty one pod of Suisai Beauty Clear Powder into your palm of your hand.
  3. Add small amounts of lukewarm water to the powder until you can work the powder into a dense foam. Go ahead and begin applying your powder evenly across your face until you are satisfied with your look.

Suisai Beauty Clear Powder face wash is gaining popularity all over the worldwide as most consumers are liking its enzyme-activated formula that removes away all impurities and helps to unclog pores while also protecting the skin’s natural moisture.

Lissage Deep Clean Powder

Lissage Deep Clean Powder
Lissage Deep Clean Powder in pictures

Lissage Deep Clean Powder is an enzyme powder cleanser popularly known for its ability to decompose extra sebum and dead old cells with the help of the double enzymes commonly known as protease and lipase.

Lissage Deep Clean Powder is compared to Kanebo Suisai clear powder that also works similarly to Lissage Deep Clean Powder which nourishes the skin with glycyrrhizic acid, leaving the skin smooth and clear.

How To Use Lissage Deep Clean Powder

To use Lissage Deep Clean Powder, begin by dissolving the powder(bear in mind that it will dissolve pretty quickly), foams lightly.

And to do that, just open 1 Lissage Deep Clean Powder capsule and work the powder into a lather with a splash of water in your hands. Go ahead and massage your face with the lathered Lissage Deep Clean Powder for a minute to one and a half minutes.

Using lukewarm water, rinse your face and partly dry off your face with a soft cotton towel and finish with a skin-nourishing serum or a Japanese moisturizing cream.

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