Is Vanicream Cruelty-Free? ( Explained)

Is Vanicream Cruelty-Free

Vanicream is a well-known skincare brand. This brand is renowned for its facial and body cleansers. But is Vanicream Cruelty-Free?

Vanicream is not generally vegan. However, the brand distributes goods in countries like China that require animal testing for skincare chemicals.

The company hasn’t supplied much information on whether Vanicream is cruelty-free. Currently, the brand is not regarded as 100% cruelty-free based on the facts supplied.

To be considered cruelty-free, a brand must satisfy the following criteria.

  • The corporation must not test any finished items on animals before selling them.
  • Animals must not be used in product testing.
  • The firm must also monitor its suppliers to ensure no animals are used in product testing.
  • Even if the law mandates it, the brand should never hire another organization to do its testing.
  • Any of the products cannot be sold in countries that require animal testing. Like China.

Best Vegan Skincare Products for Vanicream.

Listed below are a few cruelty-free Vancream alternatives.

Check out our Cruelty-Free Guide for a comprehensive list of cruelty-free skincare products.

1. E.L.F. Ultra Hydrating Daily Moisturizer

The e.l.f. daily hydration moisturizer is a great alternative to Vanicream. It contains numerous non-natural elements picked for the skin to provide a soothing and non-drying product.

E.l.f moisturizer ingredients include glycerin, squalene, and hyaluronic acid, among other powerful and hydrating skincare components. These chemicals work together to boost and lock in moisture in your skin.

This moisturizer also contains antioxidants, including vitamin E and green tea extract. Overall, this is a mild yet excellent face and body moisturizer that will hydrate your skin all day.

2. Hydrating moisturizer for sensitive skin.

Hydrating moisturizer for sensitive skin is comparable to e.l.f’s hydration moisturizer in that it provides substantial moisture without irritating the skin. Simple’s hydrating moisturizer contains glycerin, squalene, and hyaluronic acid.

It also includes antioxidant-rich plant oils that fight free radical damage. This moisturizer keeps the skin nourished all day without irritating it. But this is not a natural remedy. It contains chemicals that may irritate delicate skin.

3. Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Drink Of H2O Hydrating Boost

Tarte Cosmetics is a well-known cosmetics company. Because this Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Drink Of H2O Hydrating Boost is so famous, it appears to have been featured in every magazine ever published. Tarte is a well-known brand since its products are high-quality, cheap, and constantly include novel ingredients.

Take a peek at their Rainforest of the Sea recipe. So hydrating! This brand is also 100% cruelty-free, which is why so many people like it. Kose owns Tarte. Because this brand is cruelty-free, you don’t have to worry about selling their items in Asian markets that need animal testing.

However, Vanicream has not said if it excludes vendors who test on animals. Instead, it just said to warn providers they strongly oppose the move. Even if they do sell items there. The business has also not said whether it monitors whether its vendors sell the items in China, where they may be exposed to animal experimentation before and after-sale.

Pharmaceutical Inc., like Vanicream, also owns Vanicream; this is not a cruelty-free brand. In addition, neither PETA nor Leaping Bunny has certified that Vanicream is a cruelty-free brand. Also, any other country that wants to sell their goods must sign an agreement with them, and they strongly reject any third-party animal testing on finished items.

Vanicream animal testing

Even though Vanicream does not conduct animal testing on its products, they unwittingly allow others to do so, since they do not watch or control other parties such as suppliers. This means they let suppliers, third parties, or both test their finished items or components on animals before selling them.

So most people can’t guarantee that Vanicream is free of animal byproducts. Looking at their end goods, they “highly oppose any 3rd party testing on animals.” This section is about animal testing in China. This is a worry because Vanicream does not test on animals and does not verify whether its suppliers are selling in China.

Is Vanicream owned by a company that tests on animals?

Pharmaceutical Companies Inc. owns Vanicream, a veterinary cream maker. Vanicream is not only not cruelty-free, but neither is its parent company. Even if they do different things that give the appearance of being cruelty-free, a firm may only be called cruelty-free if it meets all of the conditions.

Vanicream moisturizing skin cream


Vanicream is not generally cruelty-free. The brand distributes goods in countries like China that require animal testing for skincare chemicals. So, as a whole, Vanicream is not a cruelty-free brand since some of its products may be tested on animals. However, even if the brand doesn’t do it directly, its distributors or suppliers may.

Because this business does not supervise its suppliers’ animal testing practices, third parties may likely continue to test Vanicream products on animals before and after marketing, causing the brand to lose its cruelty-free status.

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