How to get rid of razor bumps down there

Lymph nodes that look like cysts on the vag after shaving down there are the biggest dread of my monthly grooming routine. After all, am such a wimp to waxing in the bikini areas. And that left me wondering… How are you ladies out there getting rid of razor bumps down there when shaving with a razor stick goes haywire?

I asked because I find serving moochie to my man that is covered with lymph nodes that look like cysts down there is the last thing I would ever wish even on man grabbing b*** out there!

What Are Razor Bumps?

I know that there is this thing called Bartholin gland cyst but that is boils on the side of the canal. If you must ask what causes it? Well, this type of cyst is caused by an infection of the Bartholin glands, which are located under the skin near the vaginal opening and not on the top of the shaven area of the genitalia.

The only time those glands become inflamed is when they are blocked, therefore causing a cyst or round, hard bump to form.

Is it normal to have pimples on your vag?

Yes! It is normal for pimples or aftershave acne flare-up down there. Regardless of gender, both women and men will develop pimples on the genitalia as a form of aftershave acne to their pubic hair.

Especially for teens who are prone to puberty acne will break really badly soon after shaving the pubic area, so it’s normal or uncommon to get ingrown hairs.

Luckily, avoiding aftershave skin irritation is a lot easier if you have the right personal grooming products like depilatories, aftershave creams or waxing pads that do not trigger red bumps after shaving.

The thing is, ingrown hair can cause serious problems to the irritated skin if not taken care of as soon as you notice the pimples on the vag.

These pesky ingrown hairs will not only cause pimples as you know it. In fact, the hair follicle glands become hypersensitized and vulnerable to a bacterial infection which can lead to serious problems where lymph nodes become enlarged.

If a pimple seems to be getting enlarged, looks inflamed, sometimes filled with sebaceous puss and becoming more tender, or warm, it is a sure sign that your aftershave acne has escalated into a full-blown infection, and you should see a doctor or nurse practitioner.

On the same note, if you wax your vag and notice that you have hives, it is completely different from pimples. Hives after waxing your genitalia is completely an instant skin reaction not related to pimples or aftershave acne.

Is it normal to get hives after waxing?

Yes! on a typical case, hives that develop after wax has been applied on the area should not be a real cause for alarm. Typically, those hives will start to fade away by the time you are finished with your waxing appointment.
However, it is always best practice to make sure that a soothing cream for hives after wax is applied.

What Causes Hives After Waxing?

By nature, certain skin types develop what is normally known as a histamine reaction. The body somewhat produces an adrenalin compound as a result of pulling hair with wax. When this chemical compound is overcompensated, it can result in a reacting to the hairs being pulled out to trigger hives on the area as soon as you have finished waxing.

How To Treat Hives After Waxing?

Just apply a thin layer of an antihistamine cream such or this aftershave couch Cream available here on Amazon, to help stop the histamine reaction.

Lymph nodes or aftershave acne on the shaven genitalia is different! In fact, when your vag is nicely shaven and bold, the hair shoots inside the hair follicles continue to grow underneath your ski. Now shaving closer to the skin with a razor stick can cause those follicles to become irritated.

It’s this skin inflammation that triggers irritation on the inside of the hair follicle glands that makes you feel itchy after you shave that bad girl…

And that’s not all! Some skin types are prone to skin irritation after shaving. In most cases, scented soaps and harsh chemicals used on your skin long before you started shaving can also be a trigger to skin irritation.

This is because beauty skin products we use daily are specifically formulated to either moisturize or dry out your skin. So, if your vag is always covered with aftershave acne on the genitalia and cause itching, the underlying factors to your condition are overreaching than you might have thought.

How to relieve itching after shaving private area

Here’s how to stop itching after shaving your private area:

1: Use hydrocortisone cream to stop itching after shaving.

2: Apply a warm compress to shaving bumps.

3: Use an all-natural moisturizer.

Scented moisturizers have a reputation for packing up impurities that are unkind to the skin in the genitalia as it is often filled with harsh chemicals that affect the skin, so avoiding them helps to get the likelihood of irritation levels down.

4: Use white tea bags to bring down inflammation.

5: Keep skin uncovered or wear loose clothing until your itching stops.

You probably are now wondering, whether to shave or wax? Well, they both work really well except for how long the hair takes to grow and skin inflammation.

So, Is it better to shave or wax pubic hair?

Most millennials are not keen on living the overgrowth hung, so, they like to keep things tidy down there through waxing of their pubic area.
There are known advantages to wax over shaving, for a start, every time you wax, the hair doesn’t grow back for a few weeks, the only downside is that not all women are cut out to withstand the pain of waxing. And you also have to wait for a considerable height of growth to wax again.

Personally, I like shaving with this little bad boy I got from Amazon! It is gentle on the skin and is also considerably cheaper than waxing.

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