How To Get Rid Of Bumps On Vag After Shaving

Have you ever shaved your vag only to end up with unwelcomed bumps that are itchy, irritating and sensitive when you touch down there?
Well, those are most likely what is commonly known as after shave bumps of the pubic area.

Post shaving itchiness of the skin down there is very common as those hairs we see growing into pubic hair form a large network of hair nerves under the skin which when you shave, the intimate hair stubbles can cause an aftershave rash also known as post-shaving razor rash.

How To Get Rid Of Bumps On Vag After Shaving
How To Get Rid Of Bumps On Vag After Shaving image

How To Get Rid Of Bumps On Vag After Shaving

So, if you want to get rid of the bumps on your shaven vag, begin with a good long soak in warm water and make sure that you abrade the shaven area with a clean soft cloth (cotton bath or face towel will be ideal).

Getting rid of bumps on vag after shaving is obviously going to involve the application of this popular clear unscented aloe gel which has been recommended by lot of ladies out there who have dealt with pubic folliculitis.

Folliculitis Of The Pubic And Groin Area

Generally, Folliculitis is a skin condition, normally an after shave that results into your shaven intimate hair follicles become infected and severely inflamed.

Call this pubic folliculitis, but this hair skin condition can in fact appear anywhere on the skin. Post shaving Symptoms of folliculitis in your intimate area is commonly seen through a prevalent red itchy rash, Puss fille itching bumps with an ingrown hair also known as pimples near hairs in the neckline, groin, or shaven genitalia.

Treatment for Folliculitis Of the Pubic area.

Post shaving rash and pubic folliculitis can easily be treated with an over the counter hydrocortisone cream.
Inflammation of the skin that cause the red itchy bumps, otherwise know as folliculitis may begin as razor burn, which is very common. However, when your shaven hair stables become exposed to bacterial infections, the folliculitis develops which can be challenging to get it treated.

Avoid Dry Shave

Preventing shaving rash from happening in the first place is the best than treatment, so if you are going to shave, make sure that you are always in shower with warm water.

For a start, take a good long soak first to soften skin, followed by lubricating of the area to be shaved with a shaving cream or lotion.

Under no circumstance, must you do a dry shave or use an old shaving stick. Always use clean, sharp, intimate shaving razor.

How To Shave Your Vag To Avoid Bumps On Vag After Shaving?

To avoid bumps on vag after shaving, always shave in the direction of hair growth. What most people fail to comprehend is that once your pubic area is shaven, those hair follicles are open and exposed to bacterial infection if contact with dirty hands or sweaty skin during intercourse.

You must therefore, make sure that you are not engaging with your partner soon after shaving. Instead, clean the genitelia well and apply a gentle lotion or aloe gel.

Shaving intimate skin has its own pros and cons, with one being that hair off-shoots can sometimes push through the skin then curl and pierce the soft skin of your groin or pubic area. This is all due to how pubic hair shoots are often coarse hairs in texture as they start to come out.

And if they grow back in, they easily tend to push through the surface of the skin as they curl. This is what often cause the skin Irritation and sometimes escalate into a full-blown ingrown hair which can cause follicular acne of the groin and pubic area to occur.

Regardless of whether you are using depilatories when you are shaving your intimates of just an ordinary shaving razor stick, all these skin conditions can occur as many who use popular depilatory shavers have come to realize that they all have the same aftershave effect.

Your take away tip is that If your skin symptoms worsen over a week’s period, such as multiple pimples or puss filled white heads begin to pop up, contact your healthcare provider.

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