Folliculitis Treatment Over The Counter


Nov 24
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Folliculitis Treatment Over The Counter

Folliculitis treatment over the counter sounds far-fetched however if you read between the lines you will quickly realize that your chances of getting rid of folliculitis fast presents two obvious options for you.

The first Option would be to seek for folliculitis treatment home remedies while the other would have to be folliculitis treatment over the counter.

We will take out time to draw your attention to both of this two folliculitis treatment and this is why in this article our focus will be to help you find some of the best folliculitis treatment over the counter.


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Folliculitis may not be as familiar to many sufferers as other ailments are, however, get diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis and you will soon start feeling the pressure rising. The sad thing about Folliculitis is that it can happen to you when you least expect it.

Some have reported that their folliculitis showed up after having a sudden, stress-induced case of either eczema and other household ailments. Symptoms may include head itching at first, then production of the most horrifying scabs you have ever seen.

As if that was not enough, most well-publicized treatments you have heard of do not work! Nothing-absolutely nothing will make it better.I had a prescription liquid that I used, that burned like fire when I put it on my head, and dried my hair out, and didn’t help. I tried T-gel. Head and Shoulders. Selsun blue. Natural products like tea tree. Nothing ever worked.

When you hit rock-bottom like this, it’s easy to panic, because your hair is changing the texture, and noticeably thinning. Dry, frizzy, and still no better. As I sat one day, and my scalp was burning like I had sunburn on it, I searched Amazon for another thing to try.

I saw this shampoo and all the good reviews. Decided to try it, even though I was hoping for just MAYBE some small bit of relief. I expected nothing amazing. I’d read some people say they had improvement from the first use.I didn’t really believe it, but wanted to.It came and I used it right away. And damn it!!! I couldn’t believe it, but the itch was gone! Not better. Gone!!! I made it a point to use it more than I’d usually wash my hair.

I’d retreated into shampooing less, for fear of fallout.I used it for literally five shampoos, and those disgusting scabs were gone!!! The dry, white, scaling flakes were gone. I’m still stunned. It’s only been maybe a month and a half, and I feel almost back to normal.

I can’t say enough about it.I had to travel out of town, and made sure to get a small container to bring my shampoo!Now, a hint for ladies like me, with long hair-my hair is very long; past the middle of my back, and I am also a hairstylist, so I have always only used professional products. This shampoo IS drying, so here is how I use it, to get the benefits, yet keep my hair shiny.

When I first get in the shower, I wet my hair, squeeze out the excess water, and apply my conditioner from the ears down. I really work it in. I leave it in, move my hair to the front, out of the way of the water, and duck my head under quickly, to re-wet the scalp area.

Then apply the Anti-b. I shampoo the scalp well, and leave it on while I finish washing everything else, then rinse it all out together. (I then apply a bit of tea-tree conditioner to the top part of my head, to soften that too. Then rinse again.) it has worked miracles, and I pray that anyone else suffering this way reads this and gives it a shot. I believe it saved my hair!

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