Castor oil- Best Castor Oil Uses for skin and hair

Castor oil is a nature’s gift to mankind that keeps giving and if you are not aware of benefits and uses of castor oil, I can guarantee you have used a product or two every day that has leveraged benefits of castor oils.

From hair products made from castor oils, anti-aging body creams infused with castor oil for a glowing face free from wrinkle lines to castor oil used as laxatives.

In this post, I break down for you everything you need to know about castor oil, what castor oil is used for, and how you too could put castor oil to work, and reap all benefits of castor oil for the skin. But first… let’s explore what castor oil uses are!

What is the use of castor oil?

Castor oil is used as a potent laxative to stimulate bowel movement when you feel constipated. Ingesting castor oil by mouth allows for your gastrointestinal digestion system to breakdown an essential fatty acid compound commonly known as ricinoleic acid into your small intestines.

Castor oil- Best Castor Oil Uses for skin and hair
Castor oil- Best Castor Oil Uses for skin and hair

Ricinoleic acid is a powerful stimulant laxative that can act at a rapid rate when it is released to aid your bowel movement every time you feel constipation symptoms.

But castor oil benefits go further than helping your body move her bowels so you do not have to feel constipated… Just wait until I share with you the benefits of castor oils for hair…

Castor Oil For Hair

Castor oil for hair covers a much broader spectrum of many uses it can be put to, whether your goal is to strengthen the tensile of your hair strands, make them a little bit less prone to splitting or you want to restore the slick glow from lackluster hair.

Traditionally, there are three essential castor hair oils that you must use for the greater good of its potential. And these are:

1- Organic castor oil

2- Jamaican black castor oil.

3- Hydrogenated castor oil.

Castor oil benefits for hair

Here are many of the Benefits Of Castor Oil For Hair:

Castor oil Helps To Control Hair Fall.

If you want to reverse adverse hair loss due to extreme health impacts affecting your blood circulation to your hair follicle found on the scalp, you need castor oil which has a steady supply of a fatty acid compound called ricinoleic acid.

For years scientists have been gathering beneficial use of castor oil and draw a conclusion that ricinoleic actually improves your blood circulation to your scalp.

Castor Oil Encourages Hair Regrowth.

If growing your hair has been a bain in your backside, don’t give up until you have tried castor oil for hair growth. Listen, I get it that it may seem like long hair is such an audacious dream considering all the environmental forces are stacked against us! But growing long hair that can easily be styled into these up and coming trendy hairstyles like hair bun, lemonade braids hairstyles, ponytails and many more…

Castor oil Treats Dandruff.

There is no doubt that a great deal of the many benefits you get from castor oil is often championed in line with nutritional and medicinal properties it possesses. Castor oil is a good agent for unclogging blocked hair follicles while also killing all bacterial and fungal infections that are associated with dandruff on your scalp.

Reduces Split Ends.

Split hair ends and malnourished hair is a nightmare for every woman. Especially if you are into hair braids styles like tribal braids hairstyles, lemonade braids hairstyles or box breads hairstyles, you need to grow strong hair strands that can withstand the plaiting of hair and castor oils helps your hair from developing split ends, while also providing it the nutrients it needs to grow strong.

Castor Oil Thickens Hair.

If you want to grow thick strong healthy hair strands, you need castor oil as it is one of the most powerful hair growth oil that is predominantly known for being a perfect humectant for hair growth and thickener, meaning that castor oil has properties that allow it to attract and retain more moisture in the hair and your skin, every time you apply it.

Is A Natural Conditioner.

If you have frizzy hair that seems to be challenging to style or tame… you need castor oil for its hair conditioning properties. Castor oils boast of much higher quantities of a fatty acid compound called ricinoleic acid.

It is this abnormal raised levels of acid present in castor oil that allows for improved blood circulation on your scalp, while also unclogging hair follicles.

The presence of yeast and fungal bacteria on your scalp means managing the perfect balanced pH is impossible. Thanks to castor oil which has acid compounds that helps balance the pH of the scalp.

 Its richness in beneficial antioxidants deliver the much-needed support in the form of keratin to your hair, making it smoother, stronger, and a lot less frizzy than it normally is without castor oil.

  • Darkens Hair.
  • Protects Hair From Damage.

Is castor oil good for hair?

YES! Castor Oil is good for the Hair, and here is why… Castor oils come packed with antibacterial and antifungal properties that make one of the most beneficial hair products as it will not just transform your hair to look shiny and glowing. But, castor oil will also fight against all elements that cause folliculitis, dandruff, and many other scalp infections found on it.

Secondly, castor oil has a beneficial fatty acid compound known as ricinoleic acid, in elevated content, ricinoleic acid helps to promote increased blood circulation to the scalp and improve hair growth.

Castor oil laxative

Castor oil has been hailed as one of the most diversely used oil for centuries now. Castor oils as a laxative apart, it is also packed with insane curative and antioxidants. Castor oil is indeed a great source of nature’s goodness!

Now, if you are going to use Castor oil as a stimulant laxative, make sure that you are using it sparingly as it also has some side effects if a proper dosage is not used correctly. …

A good dosage of castor oil can effectively be used as a constipation relief that aids bowel movements when you need it the most.

While there is other natural bowel movement olive oil for constipation aids to soften the stool, castor oil is the best.

As long as you adhere to the proper dosage for your oral consumption of castor oil, you will be exposing yourself to nausea and vomiting.

How much castor oil should I take for constipation?

15 milliliters is how much castor oil you should be taken as an adult dosage for relieving constipation. A quick note for taking castor oil as a laxative for constipation… it is a rapid-acting oil best taken during the day and not at night as castor oil will work quickly to move your bowels.

The taste of organically extracted castor oil has a weird taste palate which could use with masking by putting it in a fridge for half an hour then use a teaspoon to measure your 15 milliliters.

Castor oil eyelashes

After years of mascara and unintended pruning of eyelashes, you possibly have discovered that your eyelashes are no longer in much supply anymore… you need to regrow those eyelashes otherwise you will begin to look like a pet reptile without eyelashes. Thankfully, castor oil helps grow your eyelashes much faster than you think!

Does castor oil really help eyebrows grow?

Yes! castor oil helps eyebrows grow at a much faster and if you have always wanted long, strong and glowing eyelashes, use castor oil.

Castor oil has the properties that are used to strengthen and lengthen the tensile of eyelash hair strands, making it a perfect eyelash product to use for growing eyelashes.

The same way that castor oil makes your hair thicker and shinier, that is also how it makes your eyelashes grow longer, thicker, and darker.

Whether you agree or disagree with the myth of growing lush eyelashes with the help of castor oil, so the biggest question that lingers at the back of many women who wish of growing eyelashes so they can ditch mascara is how long does it really take to finally get your dream eyelashes without need to put smack of mascara.

How long does it take for castor oil to work on eyelashes?

It takes 12 – 24 weeks(3-6 months) for castor oil to work on eyelashes and grow a noticeable lush looking eyelashes that is long, glowing, thick enough for you to go out without needing to use mascara.

With a little bit of tenacity and a will to press on even when there is little to no significant progress, you will soon achieve effective results all thanks to castor oil that has been put to use every night with zeal and dedication.

Now, there is no telling that some of you may not consider getting creative with castor oil for growing eyelashes… whatever you do creatively, it shouldn’t involve mixing your mascara and castor oil for lush eyelashes!

I mention this because some of you have been wondering and asking…

Can I put castor oil in my mascara?

No! Do not mix castor oil in your mascara. And here is why you can not put castor oil in the mascara…the majority of your favorite mascara formulas may contain another oil base that makes mascara to stick when you apply it to your eyelashes. The potential for a chemical reaction that can cause real harm to your eyelashes when you mix castor oil with mascara is quite high.

At all times, anyone using castor oil for lashes must only apply it directly on your lashes without mixing it with mascara. The best time to apply castor oil for eyelashes is before going to sleep after you have removed all your daytime mascara and that will give your eyelashes a fighting chance to grow into a thriving lush of long strong lashes.

While there is a case for you to make when considering of mixing a bit of castor oil into your mascara which has dried, do not mix it with oil… Instead, take a bowl and add some water in it and give it an applicable thickness.

Castor oil benefits for skin

There are enormous benefits to be had when you choose to use castor oil for your skin, whether you want to remove skin tags, preventing wrinkle lines or reduce under-eye puffiness, with castor oil to hand all these are possible.

So, if you have been wondering and asking…

What are the benefits of using castor oil on your skin?

Well, here are some of the beneficial use of castor oil for skin:

  • Preventing wrinkles. 
  • Fighting acne. 
  • Reducing puffiness.
  • Moisturizing.
  • Soothing sunburn.
  • Fighting dry lips.
  • Promoting overall skin health.

There is no doubt that the market is flush with a wide-ranging array of beneficial skin oils with varying severity to potential side effects for using those products, which in many cases it may not have side effects, what I like about castor oil for skin is how such a docile natural ingredient is so versatile and effective.

Nonetheless, caution must be taken when using castor oil for its skin benefits. Much like all-natural skin oils, when applied at a moderate dosage, it works fine without any side effects.

However, if you are overzealous, chances to have a bad skin reaction is high.

The other beneficial uses of castor oil are:

1- Castor oil for beard

2- Drinking castor oil benefits

3- Castor oil for glowing face

4- Castor oil on face overnight

5- Castor oil benefits for eyes

6- Castor oil eyelashes

7- Ricinoleic acid

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