Best Skin Routine For the ’40s

At the age of 40, that’s when dramatic changes start to happen to the skin. Firstly, the lymphatic system, which is responsible for lymphatic drainage, getting rid of toxins, starts to slow down.

When the lymphatic system slows down, the elastic fibers that support your lymphatic glands also break down resulting in puffed eyes and cheeks.

The skin becomes more vulnerable to environmental factors such as pollution e.t.c eventually it will start to say and wrinkles around the neck and chest will start to appear.

Although this is a natural aging process, there are ways of slowing down the aging process to keep your skin looking younger for as long as you want.
The best way to achieve this is by using anti-aging face products and having a skin care routine that you can follow each and every day.

Below we have listed the best skin care routine that you can follow every day, it will help you look fabulous in your fortifies.

Morning Skin Routine For the ’40s

Here are the steps you should follow in the mornings when starting your day!

Cleanse your face with an anti-aging cleanser

Every effective skin care routine starts with cleansing your face. By cleansing your face you remove all the dirt, bacteria and unwanted oils on our skin. Make sure that you are super gentle when it comes to cleansing your face because if you do it the right way, it will help stimulate collagen and then boost lymphatic drainage.

The best moisturizing cleanser we highly recommend for you is Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil which had vitamin E plus vitamin A that will boost radiance and fight against free radicals which are responsible for causing premature aging. The Oil cleanses deep into your skin, gets rid of all the dirt and oil buildups, make sure you massage it gently into the skin and then rinse with warm water.

After cleansing, you should tone your face

The best toner you can use while in your 40s is the one that will hydrate and rebalance your skin. We advise that you look for a toner which is infused with rich moisturizing ingredients like natural botanicals and peptides.

The toner we highly recommend for you is ‘Petra Gloe Tonic‘ which is infused with hydrating and soothing ingredients. And it also contains glycolic which is responsible for tightening the skin.

Then exfoliate As Part Of Your Skin Routine For the ’40s

Exfoliating your skin is very essential especially when you are in your 40s this is because it helps increase skin renewal and makes your skin Glow beautifully.

The best exfoliator we recommend for you is ‘Umbrian Clay Mattifying Face Exfoliator, it gently polishes away and dissolves dead skin cells and impurities to instantly reveal a healthy-looking, clear complexion. The purifying formula further works to refine skin texture and absorb excess oil for perfectly balanced skin.

The product is proven to be non-comedogenic it is gentle for all skin types and very effective.

After that Moisturize with an anti-aging moisturizer

The market is flush with best skin moisturizers for over 40’s, so make sure you choose the best moisturizing cream with moisturizing ingredients.

The best cream we recommend is Olay Regenerist Sculpting Cream it contains hyaluronic acid, amino-peptides, and niacinamide (Vitamin B3). They work together to majorly moisturize, plump skin, lift surface cells, and smooth the appearance of fine lines.

It’s best for all skin types and will keep your skin hydrated all day all, say goodbye to fine lines, wrinkles or any signs of aging.

A lot of women who have used this cream before have highly recommended this cream because it does exactly what it says it does and gives good results just in a few weeks of application.

Your skin becomes smooth, supple and gorgeous, all the signs of aging will start to disappear as new fresh skin is formed.

Drink lots of water

Apart from a good anti-aging cream on hand, there is no doubt, water has many amazing benefits to the human body and one of them is keeping the skin looking young, smooth and supple. Make drinking at least 8 to 9 glasses of water to become your daily routine.

Water will make your entire skin change for the better as it flashes away toxins and free radicals that are responsible for premature aging.

Finally, don’t forget to protect your skin with a suncream

One of the factors that lead to premature aging is UV rays, they damage the protecting layer of the skin and make it vulnerable to other conditions. So if you love your skin and want to look younger for longer, always protect your skin with a suncream.


This is a pure mineral-based sunscreen. It is lightweight, slightly tinted, and packs in antioxidants that help protect the skin against pollutions, it reflects the sun’s rays off the skin as opposed to absorbing them into the skin and is ideal for all skin types.

Night Skincare Routine For 40 year olds

Here are the steps you should follow at night when you are about to go to sleep!

  1. Cleanse your face
    When you are about to go to sleep, start by cleansing your face with the very same cleanser you used in the morning time. This is so that you remove all the dirt and oil from your skin.
  2. Apply a night cream with Anti-aging ingredients
    It is very important that you apply a night cream when you are about to go and sleep because when sleeping, that’s the time when your skin goes through a renewal process.

The best night cream we highly recommend for you is ‘ROC DEEP WRINKLE NIGHT CREAM’ it contains retinol and helps to normalize the breaking down of collagen.

These are the simple steps you should follow in your daily skin care routine in order to have beautiful skin and look amazing at 40.

The steps are easy to follow and will not require much of your time but will definitely give you the best results.

Follow these steps for just a week and you’ll start to see awesome changes on your face.

If you want to cover the ground earlier so you can enjoy youthful good looking skin, free from crepe and sagging neck skin, start with this routine so that when you get to start using best creams for 60 year olds, it should be an easy transition process.

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