Best Skin Routine For Acne Prone Skin

Best Skincare Routines are the only way known for getting rid of acne if you happen to have a sensitive and Acne Prone Skin

Acne Prone Skin?

Acne prone skin is not a permanent skin condition, in fact, it can easily be treated. However, there is this belief that some people are born with acne-prone skin while others are not…this is nowhere near the truth about your acne breakouts. Probably this is why the term acne prone skin is often thrown around in the skin care forums.

But what does it really mean to you? …

Well, everyone is born vulnerable to the same acne-causing triggers. Whether it’s hormonal imbalances, excessive skin oil levels, or reaction to dietary plan changes. The only factor setting you apart from others is the fact that compounding factors to hormone fluctuations may have rendered certain individuals a little bit more susceptible to getting breakouts due to larger pores or overactive oil glands.

And that is why acne prone skin individuals are referred to those with a skin condition that is more susceptible to breakouts and blemishes.

Acne prone skin refers to skin that is more susceptible to breakouts and blemishes. Dealing with acne can be very frustrating especially when you see your friends taking their perfectly smooth skin for granted.

However, it’s very good to learn how to take care of your skin and it all starts with the skin products you choose to use especially when you have acne you must look for the right products that will help clear your acne.

As said above, the skin products you use every day are so important, so when you have acne, it’s important to consider using acne-fighting ingredients like Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide to get rid of acne. The best way to do this is by having a skincare routine.

Whether you experience persistent acne blemishes or breakouts, it is very important to use a skin care routine that will help treat the breakouts you have and also prevent Future imperfections.
Below we have listed a routine that you should follow for your acne prone skin.

Morning Routine For Acne Prone Skin

Always Wash Away Impurities With An Acne Face Wash

Cleansing your face with a potent cleanser for acne has a lot of benefits. No wonder it is highly recommended that it is a must to cleanse your face two times a day.

And the routine has to be a thorough face cleansing in the morning when starting your day and at night when going to sleep.

It is very important to do this because if you don’t, the impurities will clog pored which can then cause blackheads, whiteheads, and blemishes.

The best acne cleanser we recommend is Kiehl’s blue herbal acne cleanser treatment because it is very effective, it helps cleanse pores and remove traces of dirt and oil, helps clear acne blemishes, blackheads and whiteheads and also prevents new ones from coming.

The best part about this face wash is that it is dermatologist-tested for safety.

Tone Your Face

After you’ve cleansed your face, the next step is to tone it. You can use Kiehl’s blue Astringent herbal lotion because it is very effective on acne prone skin.

It effectively soothes and balances oily-prone areas of your face and it is formulated with camphor, methol and sodium PCA which is very excellent for acne prone skin.

The Moisturizing Routine For Acne Prone Skin

Make sure you moisturize your acne probe skin each and every day in order to help prevent new blemishes from foaming again.

We recommend using Kiehl’s blue herbal moisturizer which visibly helps reduce acne blemishes, minimizes pores to give you smoother skin and it is formulated with Salicylic Acid cinnamon bark extract and ginger which are ingredients known for being very effective on acne.

Don’t Forget To Apply A Sunscreen

It is very important to always apply a suncream in order to protect your skin from UVA and UVB Ray’s.

We recommend using Kiehl’s supper fluid daily UV defense SPF 50+, this suncream defends the skin with, SPF 50+ and pollution, it absorbs easily and leaves a matte finish. It is formulated with UVA/UVB, technology and vitamin E.

Night Routine For Acne Prone Skin

Wash Your Face With An Acne Cleanser

At night when you are about to go to bed, it’s very important to cleanse your face in order to remove all the dirt, oil and dead skin cells. Make sure you use a cleanser specially formulated for acne prone skin.

The best face wash highly recommend is Neutrogena Oil-free Salicylic Acid Acne-Fighting Face Wash, this face wash is formulated with Salicylic Acid which is the best ingredient to get rid of acne, it works to exfoliate and clear dead skin cells that clog up pores.

It is also oil free meaning it works perfectly for skin that is acne prone and oily, and it’s also gentle on all skin types.

Apply A Night Cream

After cleansing your face, the next step is to apply a night cream. Night creams are very important and have many benefits such as supplying moisture to the dry parts of your face by making sure it stays hydrated, it soothes your face while you sleep, it boots collagen in your skin and also ensures that your skin has an even complexion along with having a fine skin texture.

The best night cream we recommend for acne prone skin is Cetaphil Rich Hydrating Night Cream with Hyaluronic Acid, the cream hydrates your skin, strengthens the skin’s natural barrier to protect against signs of aging.

This cream will not clog pores or cause irritation, instead, it will nourish your face so that you wake up looking younger than when you went to bed.

Follow this skin care routine for your acne skin each and every day in the morning and at night just as listed and in no time you will see your skin changing, becoming smooth, clear and beautiful just the way you want.

The products we listed there for each and every routine are very affordable, effective and most importantly they are as well dermatologist tested.

With so many Best Skin Care Routine For Sensitive Skin available on the market, surely there is no need for you to stress about how to get rid of acne fast. All you have to do is pick the one acne skin treatment routine and run with it.

We also know that what you eat affects your hormone levels… as you well know that most acne breakouts are caused by hormonal fluctuations, keeping an eye on your diet helps to avoid hormonal acne breakout.

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