Best Fabrics For Sensitive Skin


Aug 22

Best Fabrics For Sensitive Skin

Are you on the lookout for best fabrics for sensitive skin? Having suffered from a severe skin irritation and sensitivity, there is nothing I never held back from trying out to see what works to either treat the skin sensitivity or soothe it and give the skin a fair fighting chance. From special creams sensitive skin, best ointments for soothing sensitive skin, dandelion tea, pine tar soap and many more!

Best Fabrics For Sensitive Skin

  1. Bamboo
  2. Modal
  3. Silk
  4. Tencel

Bamboo Fabrics For Sensitive Skin

Luxury Bamboo Face Cloths. Very soft, 100% organic bamboo, anti-bacterial, and great for dry and sensitive skin.

Luxury Bamboo Face Cloths. Very soft, 100% organic bamboo, anti-bacterial, and great for dry and sensitive skin.


Is bamboo fabric moisture wicking?

Rumors have it that bamboo fabrics record a higher moisture absorbing properties at 40%  which is considered to be more than their competing counterparts( the much sought after finest organic cotton).

And what that means is that when anyone uses bamboo fabrics for wicking moisture away from the skin, you are likely to wick a much more and at a faster rate, which means keeping you dry and comfortable is a lot easier hence the belief that bamboo fabrics are ideal fabrics for sensitive skin.

Bamboo can take in three times more water than its weight which once made into a fabric, means that it also is able to get rid of moisture faster.

What are the benefits of bamboo fabric?

Bamboo fabrics for sensitive skin are gentle on the skin and also good skin moisture absorbent which makes them an ideal companion for long hour bedtime stays.

Luxurious and cooling as the bamboo fabrics tend to be a little more airated and breathable.

Is bamboo better than cotton?

Ask anyone knowledgeable about bamboo fabrics and they will tell you that it is an amazing set of fabric line whose properties are very luxurious as compared to silk but more lightweight and soft than cotton. They are considered the cleanest, soft and most comfortable sheets you will ever use. The sheets are also hypo-allergenic. Unlike other bed sheets, bamboo doesn’t wrinkle and doesn’t demand special care.

In the end, common sense prevailed, facts still remain that every irritated skin has a story behind it and can literally be triggered by a multitude of different prevailing elements. Frankly speaking, sensitive skin problems can leave you feeling drained and dejected, especially when you have no idea what’s causing it. With that said, let me share with you these few common causes of sensitive skin among many:

Adrenal fatigue

Autoimmune disorders







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