Baby Heat Rash: Causes, Symptoms, Similar Conditions And Treatment

What causes rashes on babies face and neck?

Baby Heat Rash: Cures For Bothersome Acne Issues In Babies

Baby heat rash and milk acne for babies can be quite hard to tell the difference, especially where newly borns are susceptible to both baby prickly heat rash which is also commonly known as Miliaria.

Is your baby suffering from Baby Heat Rash, blackheads, and other acne issues like the viral rash for babies?

Baby acne an heat rash problems in babies can affect newly borns in different age groups all the way down to as little as a week old. Though they may look debilitatingly scary, do not be afraid! There are ways to combat baby acne and put it to rest for good.

What Causes Baby acne In Newly Borns?

More and more newly borns experience teething rash, viral baby rash, and some of them develop red spots on their babyface full of pus which often peel off as they heal and form a somewhat scabbed look.

Baby acne causes: Baby acne caused by Hormones

Baby acne causes have been believed to begin from when the baby gets into contact with an acne-causing hormone inside the womb right before they are born. This exposure to maternal hormones is what will go on to trigger acne breakout that sometimes lasts for weeks before it clears out.
Rashes on the baby’s face and neck are caused by irritants that trigger an allergic reaction to the baby’s skin when it is exposed to chemicals, metals, and sometimes heightened body temperatures to babies due to overdressing them.
Some of the common causes of rashes on babies also include food allergies, viruses, and bacteria that develop in skin folds of the baby’s neck area where milk and dribble can provide the moisture needed for the fungus to overgrow.
Contrary to atopic eczema, the rash is not particularly itchy and is noticeably dry, red, and slightly flaky. Seborrhea is usually localized to the faceneck, chest, folds of skin, and the diaper area. 
Infants may develop yellowish scabs on the scalp, called cradle cap. The rash is often itchy but may also be moist, with blisters.

A primary factor when it comes to fighting baby acne is examining your baby’s hygiene products you use, the type of food the baby eats, and how you keep the skin folds.

Now that we know, that maternal hormone is a huge factor to your baby’s acne, if you eat lots of junk food it will reduce the ability of your body systems to fight off infections like acne while increasing the risk of your baby acne rash.

What Are Symptoms For Baby Heat Rash?

Baby heat rash is mostly characterized by the redness of the skin however different heat rash skins have different reactions depending on what type of a baby skin rach they are. Whether its hives in baby skins or an innocent skin allergy, the severity and symptoms will range from skin redness, itchiness as well as filled-pus acne pimples.

What does a heat rash look like?

What does a heat rash look like
What does a heat rash look like

The Appearance of heat rash is quite peculiar when you know where to look for the difference between baby acne vs baby heat rash. So heat rash looks like, small red bumps also similar to papules on the skin.
If you know what Miliaria Rubra looks like, then you will easily spot baby heat rash from a distance.

Miliaria – also called prickly heat, is synonymous for its association with red bumps on the skin, inflammation, and a sudden lack of sweat in the affected area.

Hard to understand, the skin has several layers possibly nacked eyes will not be able to comprehend. It is in the deeper skin layer where prickly heat rash also known as Miliaria occurs. So you can understand why heat rash of the skin is, therefore, more uncomfortable.

How do you get rid of a heat rash on a baby?

Here’s how you should treat heat rash?

1. Get Rid Of A Heat Rash On A Baby By Cooling off.

As the most common causes of heat rash in babies are overdressing them for their liking, Loosening or removing your baby’s clothing followed by exposure to a more aerated room (move him into an air-conditioned room or a shady spot) helps the baby’s skin to recover from the rash quite significantly.

2. Get Rid Of A Heat Rash On A Baby By Drying the skin.

Let nature take it’s a course in drying your baby if not possible, at least make use of air-dry or a fan to dry and cool him off, rather than rubbing your baby with a towel which is likely going to aggravate the affected skin.

3. Get Rid Of A Heat Rash On A Baby By Letting The Skin Breathe.

The type of baby creams and sanitary materials you get to use can prevent the skin from breathing, therefore, causing skin inflammation. When you let the skin breath, you allow it to have a fighting chance from all other elements associated with baby skin rash.

So if you have been wondering if there is anything that gets rid of heat rash fast, then its:

  1. Letting the skin breathe
  2. keeping the baby skin dry
  3. Cooling off the baby skin

Are Heat Rashes Itchy?

Heat rash with symptoms consistent with prickly heat rash is known to be itchy, have noticeably red bumps protruding off the skin, and will occur when the skin’s sweat glands are blocked.

Blocked sweat glands mean that any sweat produced is not able to get to the surface of the skin where it is able to evaporate.

This particular reverse in the norms of the bodily self-regulating process causes mild to severe inflammation that results in what we know to be a baby heat rash. As mentioned before, their common symptoms include red bumps on the skin and a prickly or itchy feeling to the skin (also known as prickly heat).

Heat Rash Treatment: How To Treat Severe Heat Rash

Heat rash can be treated with steroid cream with hydrocortisone concentration at a lower rate as well as antihistamine medicines.

Heat Rash Treatment
Heat Rash Treatment

Is hydrocortisone good for heat rash?

A quick answer is yes! Your heat rash will benefit from an over the counter low strength hydrocortisone cream like Calamine soothing lotion which calms down the affected area from itching.

Beyond that, antihistamines from your local pharmacist may be used however we find this lotion over at Amazon to being more effective than most of those other heat rash creams.

This low-strength hydrocortisone cream is the one type of steroid cream used to effectively treat inflammation, soothe the itchiness, and get rid of the heat rash.

Make sure you eat a lot of fruits and veggies

Meat should be trimmed of fat and consumed lean. Refined sugar such as sweets and pastries should be removed from the diet completely. By doing this, you are making sure that you have the necessary minerals and vitamins for your body to properly function.

Always stay well hydrated.

Sugary sodas cannot quench your thirst. Water, rather than soda and caffeine, will keep you hydrated. If you prefer drinks with flavor, opt for freshly squeezed fruit juices. It is not only good for you but it will also help your skin.

You should use a gentle cleanser on your face.

Products with Benzoyl Peroxide are the widely accepted cleansers for acne, from facial cleansers with benzoyl peroxide to acne creams with 10% benzoyl peroxide are highly preferred. Care should be taken with these ingredients as they can leave your skin overly dry and lead to more skin issues in the future. Try looking for a natural cleanser, like tea tree oil, and be sure to use a lightweight moisturizer.

To kill the bacteria in blemishes, garlic is a terrific home remedy.

Crush several cloves of garlic and apply directly to your acne bumps. Be sure to avoid hitting your eyes. Initially, this method might sting or tingle, but garlic is incredibly beneficial in resolving infections. Therefore, the long-term benefits will be worth it. When you are finished, rinse off all of the garlic and pat your face dry.

Large Pores For Acne: If you are looking for a method to tighten your pores, use a clay mask.

There are huge benefits for using a mask on a face engulfed with large pores as it will draw oil out of the skin which can then be absorbed. When removing the clay mask, be sure you remove all traces of it off your face.

Your skin’s well-being is also greatly affected by stress. Intense, chronic stress can negatively affect your health. Being under stress can make you more prone to infections and acne. Try to reduce your stress to have a better life and better-looking skin.

It requires a lot of planning a dedication to improve one’s skin condition. Your skin will feel and look amazing by using these tips as part of your regular routine. If you want to see wonderful results, cleanse your facial skin twice daily with the addition of a weekly mask to further enhance your natural glow.


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