Cystic acne is deep skin type of acne which is extremely painful and really causes irreversible acne scars if left unchecked when the skin breaks out in the first place.

In many cases, cystic acne sufferers waste time trying to cure acne with methods that don’t just work to treat  cystic acne effectively.

The key to getting rid of acne fast is  knowing what type of acne you are suffering from, before you attempt any form of treatment.

Take cystic acne for example, some people will advise you that you can treat it with Asian based acne treatment oils, while others will recommend weird caveman acne treatment.

A quick visit to your dermatologist is probably all you need to save your self from the agony of having to deal with deep acne scars.

Isotretinoin medication   Is ussually prescribed for nodular cystic acne for which Accutane is very much effective.

nodular cystic acne

Accutane should never be taken if you are aware or planning to get pregnant within those months you have been prescribed. This is due to the serious and consequential health adverse, Accutane can have on the unborn child and the overall healthy of the mother.

We all know how cystic acne can have a knock on effect to the levels of confidence and self worthiness of many nodular acne sufferers.

Very often people assume that acne breakout is due to lack of cleanliness, this misconceptional myth  assumes that if you are suffering from acne breakout, then you must be a dirty and unclean person. In reality, nodular cystic acne is caused by many causes including hormonal fluctuations, irregular PH levels and many other factors.

Regardless of the acne severity, the experience of stigma can trigger social anxiety, unmitigated anger, and depression to many sufferers. These are real concerns which are often swept under the rugs as not many nodular cystic acne are willing to share their acne breakouts.

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