Peach Flavored Homemade Iced Tea


Cafe Mary Grace serves the best homemade iced itea. I went for peach flavored homemade iced tea and it was very refreshing. It’s really perfect to beat the summer heat. My dad liked it too. Aside from refreshments, Cafe Mary Grace’s also serving dishes that you’d surely love having with your loved ones. The ambiance of Cafe Mary Grace is very homey. Tables have personalized messages that probably came from customers and friends.

Sucker For Seafoods


Another way of making myself blissful is to eat anything that I’d like. This dish is from Kanin Club which I’ve ordered together with Crispy Dinuguan, Laing and Tokwa’t Baboy. I can barely remember the exact name of this one but it’s real good. I’m sucker for seafoods. I’m just thankful that I don’t have any allergies and I can eat it without restriction.

Dolce and Gabbana


Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue is my all time favorite scent. I love its ability to stay on my clothing for days. The scent is very irresistible. It’s perfect for day wear. I’d love to hoard for more but it’s quite pricey. But I’ve just discovered a new scent that suits my taste. It’s cheaper but the scent’s irresistible too just like D&G. It’s called Lanvin Eclat. It’s one of the most sought after perfumes today. I’d like to try the US tester that I saw online but I’m quite hesitant to make a purchase. I’m worried that I might get a Dubai or Singapore made perfume. 

Mangan Merienda Set


Mangan is the second resto that we went to when my dad came home for a short vacay. He likes kakanin and all sorts of delicacies that’s why we’ve all agreed to order the merienda set. You can choose from arroz caldo, pancit luglog and other Pinoy merienda favorites. I’ve had the sotanghon set which I loved. Each set comes with bibingka, okoy, puto bungbong and some refreshing iced tea.

Terranova Body Bag

I’m digging my new Terranova body bag. I’m really not into small bags as I normally carry a lot of stuff when I go out. But I just couldn’t ignore this one. The size is just right and the color’s quite nice. It can be paired with almost any outfit that I’ve got in my wardrobe. Original price was Php 795 but I only got it for Php 445 since Terranova is on sale right now. Great items are awaiting for you, guys! So hurry! Don’t let this chance pass of shopping for fashionable outfits and accessories at discounted prices!

Croissant Kind Of Day


It’s a croissant kind of day. Family and I have been eating a lot lately. My dad really doesn’t mind splurging on food. Just last time, we ate out in a fancy restaurant and I was kind of surprised when the bill was handed to me. The food was great but the serving size was quite small for me. I’ve got a big appetite and eating small portions will never ever satisfy me. Afterwards, we stopped by at our hangout place in SLEX (Starbucks) and had some drinks and snacks to munch on.

Magnetic Bracelet

I’m hooked in to stuff that has something to do with health. Just like this bracelet that I just saw online. It isn’t an ordinary bracelet because it has healing properties. The magnetic bracelet is made of crushed hematite shaped into ceramic hematite beads. The Amethyst and Garnet were combined to make a magnetic therapy which is said to treat arthritis, carpal tunnel and frozen shoulder among others. My mom’s suffering from arthritis and I’m thinking of buying one for her. I’m sure it would help her ease the pain somehow. I’m going to read more about magnetic bracelet benefits before making a purchase. 

Eyelash Extensions at Lavish Lashes Studio


Lavish Lashes Studio in Festival Supermall is where I always have my eyelash extensions. I’m just so happy that I discovered about it because they have A-OK service unlike the other eyelash salons that I’ve been to. The place is very girly. I feel like a princess being pampered by my own daily. Haha. The staff is friendly and they really know what they’re doing. If you want to look gorg or simply tired of curling your eyelashes and applying mascara, then I guess it’s time for you to try Lavish Lashes Studio’s eyelash extensions.

Drawer Slides

Dad’s been here for almost a week. Time flies so fast. He’s going to leave again for work next week. He’s planning to make some home renovations but the time isn’t enough to do it. I wanted to paint the other room with pale nile(green) and white but I don’t like moving things around. I just had the cabinet’s slides replaced with 60″ drawer slides. These are heavy duty drawer slides that are stable and with 500 lbs capacity. I have so many stuff in my cabinet and I’m planning to clean it up after the Holy Week. 

Movie Date With Family


It’s very infrequent for the family to go out for a movie. But last time, my dad invited all of us to see the Sabotage, which stars one of his favorite Hollywood actors, Arnold Schwarzenneger at Festival Supermall. The last Schwarzenneger movie that I saw was Escape Plan. I liked it as I’m a big fan of action-packed films. I was kind of disappointed with Sabotage as I got bored in the middle of the movie. I’ve had to munch on some snacks to keep me knock up.