Restaurant in San Diego

Being an International Studies major, we were taught not only to study tourist destinations but to understand and appreciate diverse cultures of different countries. Tourism studies helped me in a lot of aspects especially my passion for adventure. One of the things I love to do is trying out something new. New clothing line, new hairstyle, new ambiance and the new feeling that makes me smile. 

New restaurants? Oh, I love them all. Raiding different restaurants is a must. I am proud to say that I spend half of my allowance trying out new cuisines. Chinese cuisine has been a favorite but no one can beat the Filipino cuisine, it is the best!  Gerry’s Grill and Bacolod Inasal are my pick. They both offer the best Filipino dishes that will make you crave for more.

Love for cooking runs in our family. Luckily, I got the genes of mom who is an expert homemaker. For the past few months of striving to cook good food, I am happy to say that I have improved my cooking skills and I will not stop to practice and learn new dishes. After graduation, I am planning to get a 2-year course in Culinary Arts to help me pursue my dream of becoming a chef in a famous restaurants San Diego.  

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  1. Nora Albano says:

    Hi Gracie! Also like the Bacolod Chicken Inasal like you. I just can’t stop craving for it.

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